Sri Lanka

My 10-day itinerary in Sri Lanka with rental car (with driver)

As already happened for the trip to Indonesia, the decision to leave for Sri Lanka was last-minute. We bought the airline tickets only a week before the departure and booked the first night only, which we spent in a hotel in Colombo. The initial idea was to travel by train and bus but the taxi driver who took us from the airport to Colombo first explained how much this option would be time-consuming and later suggested to be our driver at a very reasobale price – USD 45 per all inclusive day – which we have accepted without negotiating.

This sudden change in logistics strategy proved successful not only for our driver’s┬áreliability and professionalism but also because we experienced how much more comfortable and above all faster (albeit more expensive) is to travel by car than by train or bus, both of which we have taken once for different reasons:


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