My two-week itinerary between Bali, Gili Air and Lombok

When a week before the scheduled departure date we finally booked the plane to Bali, I almost got a heart-attack: no research done on what to visit, no idea on the itinerary or how to move, no accomodation booked … an exceptional situation for me – which I usually plan my itineraries well in advance – and therefore a source of concern ….

Marta thought of reassuring me, telling me that some of her colleagues had visited Bali and the neighboring backpacking islands without establishing a fixed itinerary, booking transfers and rooms directly on site. I – who are a bit ‘like St. Thomas – I was skeptical until the first day of stay in Bali that has instead confirmed what was right the strategy of improvisation more complete, at least in periods of low and medium season (spring and autumn) in which the rooms to be rented are not lacking whatever the destination or budget and therefore move freely without a predefined itinerary becomes much easier.

The only reservation made before departure was for the first night, which we spent in a small hotel near the airport of Denpasar as our flight arrived at midnight; all the other accommodations we found them on our arrival in the chosen locations for overnight. The itinerary was therefore decided day by day with the following result:


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